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When Hollywood and Wonderland have a one night stand...
Alice is an artist living in Los Angeles. Her career isn’t going as well as she would like and she’s hit a bit of an artistic block. So how does she blow off steam? Tequila! We follow Alice down the “rabbit hole” after one such night as she experiences an utterly bizarre and brutal walk-of-shame, full of misogynistic micro-aggressions leading up to an inappropriate work meeting that nearly sends her over the edge. Refusing to let these encounters break her, Alice paints through her artistic block.


Directed by Tara Lynn Rye

Written by Tara Lynn Rye

Production Company Rye Productions

Produced by Tara Lynn Rye
Jane Stupp-Oneill
Zachary Wright
Magen Ashley Young

Cast Tara Lynn Rye
Jeff Palmiotti
Jordan Santoro
Aaron Marcotte
Jenalynn Culhane

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