Pasadena International Film Festival

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We are so thrilled to have you all here. Our filmmakers are so talented, we are grateful that we can share their work all over the world!
And of course, our films come complete with a Q and A... so our filmmakers can discuss why they made their film, and their journey. We have been amazed at what people can do with talent, pluck, and hard work.
In addition to our screenings, we have some amazing "Spotlight Conversations"
A presentation of authentic movie cameras from 1914! Behind the scenes (and screens!) interviews about what it's like to direct an episode of "The Simpsons", how does one get to write for "Lifetime" and "Hallmark"?
Any actors out there? We have in depth conversations with casting directors and agents about how to break in to Hollywood... Staff writers from hit TV shows also sit down with us to discuss what it's like to write for a network. An actress talks about a day in the life on the set of a hit TV show.

So pop open some bubbly, and join us here for Virtual PIFF 2020!

VIRTUAL PIFF 2020 runs Monday, October 19th through November 1st, 2020.

For the spotlight conversations, just skip through to find the content you are looking for!

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