Two Paper Nightingales



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What makes us all different is less important than what makes us all the same.
In the internationally award-winning film, “Two Paper Nightingales,” experience a breathtaking fairytale that spans across three countries. “Two Paper Nightingales,” was inspired by the idea that the endurance of some of the world’s favorite stories in folklore, mythology, and fairytales is proof that we all have a lot more in common than we may realize. In this film, three narrators from different cultural perspectives each describe the same fairytale in their own way. The fairytale tells of a fair and lovely princess who lives hidden behind her gilded palace gates while, outside, a vicious war rages. When the princess discovers that her nation’s foreign “enemies” are not so different from herself, she will have to make a bold choice in order to reunite with a most beloved sister and, ultimately, to prove that “what makes us all different is not as important as what makes us all the same.” Both whimsical and deeply emotional, this short was a Student Academy Award finalist and has screened at the Director’s Guild of America and at a number of prestigious festivals, including international festivals in Tokyo, Japan and Jaipur, India. From the hearts of passionate emerging filmmakers, “Two Paper Nightingales” is truly an earnest and radiant adventure.


Directed by Kaylin George

Written by Kaylin George

Produced by Jeffrey Haskell
Georgia Franklin-Willis

Cast Narisa Suzuki
Yukina Takase
Felixe de Becker
Anjali Nath
Shreya Jhalani
Ria Patel

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