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An exiled cop discovers his chance at redemption when a movie star enlists him to destroy the mob boss who controls her career.
Set in Palm Springs 1958, SHANGRI-LA is the story about Hollywood “it girl”, Vera Thompson who has been exiled to the desert with her mob boyfriend. While at another one of his clandestine parties, Vera meets an ex-cop, Morris, who has returned to his hometown of Palm Springs to follow a lead on his partner’s murder.


Directed by Kimberly & Wendy Willming

Written by Kimberly & Wendy Willming

Production Company Duplicity Studios

Produced by Wendy Willming
Noelle Hubbell
Maurissa Tancharoen
Megan Thomas Bradner

Cast Serinda Swan
Enver Gjokaj
Currie Graham
Bonita Friedericy
Joel Stoffer
Erik Aude

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