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a young couple in a world where immigration is a polarizing societal issue
Iman, a Pakistani woman, met Evan, a New York native, while the two were film students in New York City. Iman is on a student visa and just returned from a trip to see her family. After being together for 4 years, the two get engaged and are planning to get married. However, during an interview with an immigration officer, Iman's world is about to collapse. The immigration officer is suspecting her of immigration fraud. He is asking her to present "material proof" that she is entering the marriage with a US citizen "in good faith". During the interrogation, the officer is very persistent, wants to find out more and more details about their engagement and upcoming marriage, and asks several questions that Iman finds inappropriate. She has already disappointed her family by running off to New York and pursuing her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Some of the proof that Iman is being asked to provide would reveal details that not even her family knows. And what Iman considers the most important proof, her pregnancy, would make her family either kill her or have her killed. PROOF is a film about a young couple that celebrates their love and their individual and shared struggles, in a world where immigration becomes an increasingly polarized and polarizing societal issue.


Directed by Nora Jaenicke

Written by Nora Jaenicke
Richard A. Stein

Production Company Nostos Film Productions

Produced by Sonny Chatrath
Darren Cole
Nora Jaenicke
Adi Katz
Richard A. Stein
Judy Toma

Cast Preeti Gupta
Jacopo Rampini
Aalok Rathod
Robert L. Wilson

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