The Perfumer (El Perfumista)



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A prestigious perfumer struggles to keep his reputation as he devastatingly loses his sense of smell.
Pedro Marquez is a proud and prestigious perfumer, also the mentor of his daughter. But one day he discovers he is losing his sense of smell, still, he is too proud to ask for help. As the deadline to turn the project approaches, Pedro has to decide whether to open up or to risk his reputation and complete the product blindly.


Directed by Paloma Lingwei Chen

Written by Paloma Lingwei Chen
Brianna Brown

Production Company Chapman University

Produced by Navaneeth Balasubramanian

Cast Miguel Najera,Maria Hojas,Tracy Kowalski,Tanya Raisa,Revital Schmid,Andrew Morrison,Manny Hernandez,Allyson Juliet

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