Odd Girl



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She's dying to fit in.
Dylan, a popular and charismatic high school student, finds his perfect existence suddenly compromised by the unwelcome attentions of lonely outcast, Belinda. Much to Dylan's disappointment, his best friend, Mindi, takes pity and invites her into their inner circle. As Mindi and Belinda grow closer, Belinda lights up with new-found confidence while Mindi becomes cold and reclusive, distancing herself from Dylan and his friends. As this increasingly abnormal behaviour becomes intertwined with eerie supernatural forces, Dylan is compelled to dig deeper into Belinda's true character, but what he discovers next is something more sinister than he ever expected.


Directed by Rami Kahlon

Written by Rami Kahlon

Production Company Rani Pictures & Lonely Artists Productions

Produced by Andy Wong
Rami Kahlon

Cast Taylor Kare
Kayla Janelle Tellier
Parmiss Sehat
Trevor Horne
Phoebe Miu
Sachi Nisbet
Demelza Randall
Jacq Ainsworth
Michael Edwards

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