Living in Anger



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Once upon a time, two brothers ran for their lives
Anand stands over Suresh in the bathroom. Suresh has bruises and cuts all over his face. Anand smiles and softly sings a song: a murder ballad called “Two Sisters”. Later, Vikram drives to Anand’s house to hide away for a while. He sees Suresh with his wounds and demands to know what happened. Anand tells him that he got into a fight at school. Vikram also learns that Suresh has developed a speech impediment. Vikram takes Suresh outside and teaches him how to box. He does this so that Suresh can learn to protect himself in the future. Later, Anand emphasizes that he wants Vikram to leave. Vikram agrees, but notices Anand exhibiting some suspicious behavior. At the dinner table, Vikram finally sees Anand’s hands, and how they’re cut and bruised. He shoots him in the chest and Anand dies. He and Suresh go on the run. They drive out to the old abandoned house. They hide out there for a while. Vikram gives Suresh the gun. After a few days, they are running low on water and decide to drive out to get some more. Halfway through, the car breaks down, so they are forced to walk through the desert. As they do, Suresh hallucinates Anand following them for several days. Suresh goes crazy and tries to shoot him, but ends up shooting Vikram by accident.


Directed by Keshav Srinivasan

Written by Keshav Srinivasan

Production Company Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

Produced by Evan McGann

Cast Shab Nathan
Dave Patnaik
Ari Dev

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