How to Buy a Baby



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How to Buy a Baby
Thirty something couple JANE and CHARLIE have long given up on having a baby the fun way. They have also given up on having a baby the medically invasive way too. But while they lack the genetic components to make a child, they refuse to give up on being parents together. After many failed rounds of infertility treatments, season two of How to Buy a Baby finds Jane and Charlie in the throes of adoption, a process steeped in paperwork, parenting classes, home inspections and difficult decisions about just how far they are willing to go to become parents. Darkly funny and achingly honest, season two of How to Buy a Baby will follow Jane and Charlie as they navigate adoption. The series will continue to provide a voyeuristic view of a marriage under pressure and prove that even the most difficult experiences, that challenge our very biology, can connect us to humanity and make us laugh.


Directed by Adriana Maggs

Written by Wendy Litner

Production Company LoCo Motion Pictures

Produced by Lauren Corber
Wendy Litner

Cast Meghan Heffern
Marc Bendavid

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