End of Summer



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A true story about being lost.
“End of Summer” tells the story of Dawn, an 18-year-old Taiwanese-American young woman, driving down the California Interstate with her parents for her college move-in day. The most exciting day of Dawn’s life takes an unexpected turn when Dawn’s father is suddenly struck by a heart attack in the middle of the desert. Now, Dawn and her mother must navigate themselves out of this uncharted new landscape.


Directed by Serena Kuo

Written by Serena Kuo

Production Company Hunter Jr

Produced by Roxy Shih

Cast Terry Hu
Leann Lei
Barney Cheng
Eva Du
Jhanelle Elissa
Brandon Hairston
Juan Plasencia
Sharon Lynn Dilmani
Tom Plumley
Scott Backman
Yi-chen Sun
Brooke Mulkins

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